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  1. Divorce Attorney
    Divorce and Family Law
    If you are facing a difficult choice and do not know where to turn, Trevino Law can be there for you. Trevino Law is a law firm whose primary goal is to represent individuals facing a divorce.
  2. No-Fault Divorce
    Family Law in California
    A good family law attorney will help you navigate through the divorce process informing you of your rights and responsibilities. Family law is different than other areas of law, because it involves close relationships.
  3. Orange County Divorce
    Divorce and Custody Attorney
    Being served with divorce papers in Orange County, California can be daunting. If you are concerned about custody, support or property division, Trevino Law can help you.Talking to an attorney before the divorce papers are filed can preserve important rights.
Trevino Law is By Your Side
Top Divorce and Family Law Lawyer
Family Law Issues
Trevino Law, Inc.
Family Law Lawyer In Orange County
If you are like most people, when there is a crises in an area of your life, you may not know where to turn for good, reasonable legal advice.  If you are considering a divorce and need a good divorce attorney in Orange County, California, contact Trevino Law.
Whether you need help with a divorce,  domestic violence  or mediation, we are here to support you. To schedule an appointment call (949) 716-2102. 
Whenever a family law issue occurs in your life, it can be upsetting. 

Whatever the issue, Trevino Law will be with you through the entire divorce.
Trevino Law,
Understanding Your
Family Law Needs
Divorce Lawyer in Orange County
  1. Trained Lawyer
    Denise Trevino practiced law in both Utah and Arizona before moving to California where she became a family law lawyer. The diversity has helped her understand different cultures and legal aspects of the law. She has practiced family law for more than 10 years in California while living in Orange County.
  2. California Family Law Lawyer
    Denise Trevino represents individuals going through the divorce process. Her experience as a family law lawyer has helped her gain understanding into the needs and concerns of families going through transition.
  3. Orange County Lawyer
    As a local law firm, Trevino Law understands the nature of family law in Orange County. Ms. Trevino is knowledgeable about the family law judges in the area as well as the applicable rules.
  1. 0
    Custody of minor children is based upon the best interest of the children. Factors include the health, safety, and welfare of the minor children, and the willingness of each parent to foster frequent and continuing contact with the other parent.
  2. 1
    Spousal Support
    Generally spousal support lasts half of the marriage. When people have been married more than ten years, spousal support can last indefinitely. Usually the supported spouse is ordered to become self supporting in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. 2
    Property Division
    Property is characterized as community property or separate property. Community property is anything obtained during the marriage with the exception of gifts and inheritances.
  4. 4
    Business Division
    Family businesses that are community property can be awarded to one spouse and the other spouse will be paid the value of it. If the spouses cannot agree on the value of the business, then the business can be appraised by an expert.
  5. 3
    Child Support
    The California legislature has established guidelines to determine child support. The guidelines include the parents' income as well as the amount of time each parent spends with the minor children.

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