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Child support is based upon the guideline formula enumerated in California Family Code Section 4055 . The guideline formula analyzes the income of both parties and the time that each party spends with the minor children. The goal is for the minor children share in the wealth of the parents.

If the minor children are in day care which allows the parents to work, then each party is required to pay half of the cost of day care.  



How Much Child Support Will I Recieve?

Who Pays for Medical Insurance of the Minor Children?

Which Parent Pays for the Extra-Curricular Activities?

Child support in Orange County, California is based upon several factors. The main factors include the amount of time that the minor child lives with each parent and the income of both parents. 
Medical insurance is usually factored into the amount of child support. The paying parent receives credit for paying the health insurance premiums of the minor children. 
If the order is silent, then the parties will have to agree between themselves for which extra-curricular activity each party pays.  If there is an agreement, the parents must follow the agreement especially if the agreement requires a legal writing. 

Which Parent Pays for the Clothing of the Minor Children?

Which Parent Pays for Sporting Events?

Which Parent Pays for Private Schooling of the Minor Children?

Clothing is part of support. Each parent is paying for support. Each party is responsible for purchasing clothes and supporting the children at that parents' home.
The payment for private schooling depends on the parties' ability to pay and whether the child has been in private school for a period of time. If there is no order, the parents can agree. 
The payment for sports activities depends on whether or not the order identifies which party pays for the sports. If the order is silent, both parties will be responsible only by agreement.